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Gentle and Elegant – Noble Purple Bridal Gown

Elegant and gentle, dignified and beautiful, so many wonderful adjectives could appear on a color with no sense of violation. Purple, as a symbol of a mature woman, to use it to mark our growth in the wedding can be described as distinctive, just let people who understand it understand.

Purple is elegant, noble and with a little mysterious sense. Do not doubt that men are always good at challenges and explore, so do not worry your powerful aura created by purple will daunt him. In fact, the first impression purple dress brings to people is noble + sexy, though with a little unruly and unpredictable flavor, for men, it also contains a strong temptation.

The emotional effect purple brings is very concentrated, and can instantly improve a woman’s aura, so you become really graceful like the queen, elegant and helps to improve your noble feeling. Meanwhile, it put the mystery veil for you, so you do not need to worry your mind will be plain to the world. It will help you take good care of the small tension you are looking for the wedding.

As a cool color, purple will naturally have a sense of distance too such as apathy, narcissistic, unrealistic, and so on negative emotions, even in extreme cases also brings ego psychology. However, the choice of a lilac or lavender dress will completely abandon these negative emotions, very suitable as an alternative wedding dress is color.

If you’re full of personality, independent and gorgeous, then you must be able to manage the aura presented by a purple dress. If you think purple too personalized, then a tulle or excellent textured and fashionable short purple dress will be a good choice for dinner party or also for bridesmaid clothing.

If a purple dress has purple eye makeup to match, it must complement each other, but if it is a light-colored dress, makeup is not too heavy. As a picky color for the color of skin, it still needs to be careful when choosing a purple dress.

Fresh and Elegant Green Dress Creates a Gentle Bride

In hot summer, bright colors are always fascinating and bring pleasure to people. At the wedding, in addition to the selection of a solemn wedding dress, we also need to prepare a favorite dress for the wedding dinner or party. So, it may be a fashionable and elegant green dress, to inject fresh vitality to the wedding and also make your elegant and gentle temperament perfectly bloom.

Green is the color of nature, a symbol of smart, vitality and peace. It belongs to the vigorous life of endless growth, the forest elves free shuttling, and also belongs to smart and elegant you, wherever you are. Green is always gentle and harmless, to give hope and peace. Wearing it on body will make you look full of affinity. Fresh and elegant temperament will shape you to a gentle bride.

Green fits for almost all ages and all people, so we also need to choose a different green according to our age, style and occasion, etc, to show off our own unique qualities. Therefore, in the wedding occasion of so great happiness, the bright light green color series is more appropriate.

Green wedding dress is untraditional, to break the routine and highlight the free personality, and also full of fantastic imagination. The long green dress at dinner is elegant or sexy while the short green skirt on the party is vibrant, but the aura and symbol of freedom of green is not suitable for formal or expressing mystery style.

Green with makeup of blue-green color, red line and earth tones all complements each other, to note that the earth color tone should choose a lighter eye makeup color; blue-green should be in accordance with the color of dress to choose appropriate makeup; the red line with the green line is quite outstanding, as the vivid color conflict will make you quite eye-catching either on the makeup or dress. If you happen to like jade or emerald, dressed in a green dress will make your favorite jewelry shine brightly.

Minimalist Wedding Dress Creates Modern Elegant Bridal Style

Many brides who have a mature temperament no longer aspire for sweet and dreamy wedding atmosphere, instead, they tend to hold a more simple and gorgeous wedding, and in the choice of wedding dress it is also more inclined to stylish modern style, today we are to share with you the 2014 new season’s Delphine Manivet wedding dresses, so you enjoy the charm of elegant and modern style!

This short lace wedding dress is more suitable for an outdoor wedding. The overall styling is casual and leisure, but the exquisite lace decoration details are more in line with the grand wedding atmosphere. The short style design is not only easy to walk, even if an older bride will be able to give out a hint of nifty flavor with the dress. It is an essential weapon to look young! The retro boat neck design is also the secret to have an elegant feel!

Short fluffy wedding dress has been a hot style among the short wedding dresses, this season’s Delphine Manivet is no exception, but compared to the previous complicated design, this dress does not have chiffon or lace, instead, it use stiff and three-dimensional organza with some glossy light tulle to create the simplest leveled skirt hem, simple and not too sweet. With short boots, the bride looks even more youthful and nifty!

Can you imagine yourself to be a bride who does not wear a dress? Want to create a distinctive bridal image? Delphine Manivet can help you make it. This set of one-piece suit uses the usual white wedding dress color, with lace, chiffon and tulle, including the bow elements to create a sweet feeling, and the only difference is that it changes the skirt to trousers. The irregular pants not only add a hint of cool sense to the bride, but also give a personalized feeling to people.

Vows to Be a Beach Mermaid – The Tips to Choose a Beach Wedding Dress

It is not more than romantic to hold the wedding or take wedding dress photos at the beach. So in this attractive summer, go to enjoy the sunshine baptism and record your bits and pieces of love moment. Then how to choose the wedding dresses that comply with this scene? Here is your resolution.

1. Fresh and soft color tones

In the seaside, there are blue sky, white clouds, sands, shells and sea breeze, which is a pure romantic place. Either holding the weddings or taking the wedding dress photography, we must highlight the aesthetic effect, so on the choice of wedding dress, if you do not like white, be sure to choose fresh pastel colors, such as: light blue, light pink or light yellow, and so on.

2. Smart and flowing fabrics

Smart and flowing skirt hem is certainly not to be missed. Imagine if choosing a long mermaid wedding dress on the beach, and when stained with seawater and sand, will there be a beautiful feel? So be sure to have a thin fabric and easy to dry, so it will not let you meet an awkward situation.

3. Flowers or diamond embellish

It is not enough to only have a beautiful wedding dress. Against the sun background, sparkling accessories are essential objects to present more beautiful. Diamonds, pearls, etc. are the materials very consistent with the theme, but here to remind new couples to select accessories as large as possible, because the beach belongs to the larger scene, small accessories cannot be seen and it may seem the bride a bit stingy.

4. Strapless wedding dress

Strapless wedding dress will always be one of the brides’ favorite styles. To choose a cool strapless dress in summer is very appropriate. Strapless wedding dress does not need much embellishment so to look perfectly clear and elegant, to bring a hint of refreshing feel in the hot summer. There are also a number of strapless wedding dress designs. If you like, you may tie some lace into a bow at the shoulder to work as decoration, not only to let the overall look chic, but also to show the noble feeling of the bride.

Enjoy 2014 Popular Wedding Dress Styles – Glamorous Shoulder Design Attracts the Eye

Share 2014 popular wedding dress style pictures and relive 2014 wedding dress fashion trends. The 2014 spring and summer wedding dress series of major brands have lunched various styles, in which the beautifully decorated and transparent shoulder style definitely caused lots of brides’ attention. The following is shared popular 2014 spring and summer wedding dress styles, providing more references to the future brides.

Among 2014 spring and summer wedding dress series from different brands, the luxury shoulder decoration becomes the biggest spectacle. Hayley Paige 2014 spring wedding dress series is no exception. The stitching of beading, crystal diamond and transparent tulle perfectly outlines the sexy shoulder line.

This Reem Acra’s wedding dress has a quite simple body design. Flared skirt hem made of lace fabric fully shows a retro flavor, but what the most impressive are still the refined crystal ornaments on the chest and shoulders, just perfect to echo with the shiny headdress.

The beadings on the shoulders of this dress create a bling bling decorative effect. The skirt body has a special slimming effect. Multi-layered tulle lines droop naturally, so the figure looks even more slender. The length just reaches the ankle, with a little sexy sense among the elegant atmosphere, which is just the remarkable charm of Jenny Packham.

Sexy deep V-neckline design allows the sexy temperament to be fully presented with no doubt. The Swarovski crystals decoration in front of the chest highlights the three-dimensional sense of the beautiful collarbone, full of femininity. Outer of the inner champagne satin fabric, it is matched with a layer of fantasy embroidered tulle. Below the V-neckline it also has crystal diamond decoration, to instantly enhance the tall sense of the bride model.

Set off the Bride’s Beauty – Romantic Bridesmaid Dresses Recommendation

Bridesmaids are often made to act as the set off of the bride’s beauty, but at the same time they also need to be dressed to be outstanding. As a girl, whether or not as the main character, it cannot be sloppy! Come and choose a suitable bridesmaid dress that belongs to you, to give out a romantic feel!

Classic and elegant strapless neckline, purple long dress, decorated with a big flower, though not of bright color, there is also a romantic feeling! In spring and autumn to wear such a long dress, with hair rolled up high and handing a white bouquet, will absolutely be outstanding and attractive!

Pink straps dress, plus deep V-neck design and empire waist, looks sweet yet sexy! Knee length, flowing material and simple cut look very fresh and clean, and also easy to walk! If the wedding is held in outdoors or garden, such style dresses will be very suitable! Coupled with a flower headdress will look even more romantic!

Dresses of elegant minimalist style, from light blue to dark blue, from above-knee length to the floor length, can wear a different romantic feeling! Innocent and sweet heart-shaped neckline, calm and elegant strapless long dress, is just for everyone’s different temperaments! For bridesmaid dresses, to choose a simple style is always the most appropriate!

Red dress is absolutely a dazzling choice! Chiffon material, spaghetti straps, with a high waist and ruching design, is simple yet sweet and gorgeous! And the length of the dress is also very convenient to walk and of a cool and fresh feeling! Plus with a little draping, the overall style is really simple and romantic!

Lace elements, round neck design and above the knee length, all look very nifty. No woman can refuse lace, so chose a lace dress is the most wonderful! Handing dried flowers looks of rich artistic effect! Romantic and self-confident, it is definitely a good bridesmaid dress choice!

Selection of Bridesmaid Dresses – Supporting Player Also Has Splendidness

Bride must be the most beautiful heroine at the wedding, which is no doubt, then, as the best supporting actor, bridesmaids can also be very splendid at the wedding. Come to see the following bridesmaid dresses selection, to help you create exclusive supporting romance.

1. Yellow bridesmaid dresses

With a yellow bridesmaid dress and the length is above the knee, it is not only more convenient, but also sets off the bridesmaid to be more youthful and stunning! To cowl neck design is chic and stylish, combined with the close-fitting pleated bodice, especially good for small-breasted bridesmaids to wear. The waist is decorated with a flowers belt, looking even more romantic and sweet! This bridesmaid dress is an essential weapon for young bridesmaids to highlight their beautiful vitality!

2. Purple bridesmaid dresses

A purple dress made of glossy fabric is a very elegant and romantic choice! Classic strapless style is designed with a ruching effect, appearing of rich texture sense! The fluffy skirt hem with pick-ups design is cute and nifty, giving out a girls’ flavor out of sophisticated elegance in purple! The simple A-line style is very suitable for pear-shaped body of the maid of honor. With diamond jewelry will definitely let you shine in the wedding!

3. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses

Royal blue bridesmaid dresses with straps is also a very good choice! Royal blue is a bit low-key and has been loved by many bridesmaids as a classic color at the wedding. This color is just right for the identity of the bridesmaid! Wide straps design looks of more temperament! With strapless corset can also shows off the slightly sexy charm in front of the chest! High waist design with flowing long skirt looks simple yet very elegant!

4. Gray-blue bridesmaid dress

Asymmetric one-shoulder bridesmaid dress is a romantic choice and also well shows off the temperament! Sheath waist design and simple style cut perfectly shows the bride’s graceful figure. The ruching effect at the upper body is very romantic! Low-key and elegant gray-blue lets the bridesmaid look very introverted, so as a wedding bridesmaid dress, it is just appropriate!

See How Wedding Dress Plays Unconventional Look

Wedding dress often gives a gorgeous and decent impression. Beaded, lace, bows, ribbons, etc. are also essential finishing touches. However, for those seeking an unusual bridal wedding dress, these three-dimensional crisp bridal dresses are the best wedding gifts given by designers to brides. Do you dare to wear it?

As a director, Java Jacobs also hope her life full of a drama sense. Even on the choice of the wedding dress, she picked the one full of design sense. Under the transparent organza smock, wearing a short sequined and beaded strapless dress and even the bouquet in the hands is full of personality!

Among the T-stage show in this season, the feathers can be described as a hot inspiration source for designers. This is the first time we saw such a wedding dress. Cuffs and bodice bottom are both decorated with long feathers, with a circular contour. The wearing effect is simple and capable. With this wedding dress to walk into the wedding scene, will the guests below glasses or clap and shout praise? Do you dare to try?

Lolita and fresh sense both is a sign of the short wedding dress. Coupled with exaggerated headdress, it completely changes the flavor! With such a dress will let you have enough maverick!

No beautiful chest line, nor S-shaped waistline. Along the hanging silk fabric, only several layers of simple tassels. Matched with retro Roman flat shoes, Angela Pham’s wedding dress principle is: trendy but no grid!

Shoulder and chest are on the same line. The sleeves are transformed based on cuff style. It feels like the whole person wearing a cream cake.

White shirt with lace skirt, it is the standard street Look. Such modeling used in the wedding, what will you think about it? But Luz Pavon has boldly adopted the designer’s recommendation. Married at City Hall in New York, you may also wish to follow it!