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Halter Wedding Dress That Highlights Personalized Feel

Strapless wedding dress is too exposed and sexy, while bateau neck will make the shoulder look wide; deep V-neck wedding dress is hard to manage if you don’t have plump chest lines, and Spaghetti straps wedding dresses always feel not grand enough. Then in the end what kind of wedding dress style will be able to break these routine models? Halter wedding dress that highlights the personalized feel will not let you down! To be noble like a goddess or to be sweet or it also can be sexy, so why still wait? Let’s hurry to check it out!

Greek-neck halter dress makes use of light and flowing chiffon fabric to create a noble goddess sense. The high waist design has a good modified role for the upper and lower body proportions, and is able to cover the lower abdomen, but if the bride is originally very slim, on the contrary, it cannot highlight the advantages of this style. It may look like pregnant women!

The classic v-neck halter mermaid wedding dress uses slim lines to create a graceful posture curve. V-neck halter design is not overly sexy, with the glossy taffeta fabric, looking gorgeous and of good texture. It is especially good for tall and mature brides, creating a queen temperament.

Cross-neck halter wedding dress is the most personalized style. For the bride with short neck, it can make your neck line look longer, while highlighting the beautiful collarbone and shoulder line, with a little fresh elegance in sexy. With a mermaid skirt body, it sketches out the graceful figure, and lets your charm displayed in 360 angles.

Y-neck halter dress has the same effect with the cross halter neck wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress will often hollowed out in the middle of the upper body, in addition to having luxury decoration around the neck, wide and fluffy skirt is also an essential part of it.

Fresh Macaroon Color – Most Lovable Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses need to add luster to the bride, and at the same time cannot grab the bride’s thunder, after all, today only she is the absolute protagonist at the wedding. Either long or short length bridesmaid dress is not restricted, but the color is suitable to be light better. In the upcoming summer and autumn wedding season, pink, green, blue, yellow, these four fresh colors are absolutely best bridesmaid dress color choices.

1. Yellow: the most nifty and lively

Yellow bridesmaid dress: summer and autumn is the age of yellow color, yellow single products are visible both in the T station and on the streets. To replace the bright fluorescent yellow by a touch of light yellow is in line with seasonal trends without exaggeration. If the main color of the wedding is light pink purple, then yellow bridesmaid dress is a great choice.

2. Green: most vigorous

Green bridesmaid dress: green is the most vibrant color, and also one of the most preferred bridesmaid dress colors in summer and autumn wedding. If you choose outdoor wedding, bridesmaid dress can try knee or ankle length to match the cozy and romantic venue atmosphere.

3. Blue: most refreshing and elegant

Blue bridesmaid dress: blue is easy to create a fresh and elegant atmosphere in the slightly hot summer and autumn. Light blue bridesmaid dresses can be just the right to set off the bride’s gentle and quite temperament. Meanwhile if you love beach wedding, along the romantic surround of seaside, blue bridesmaid dress will become a different kind of scenery.

4. Pink: sweetest and lovable

Pink bridesmaid dress: pink is one of the enduring bridesmaid dress colors in seasons, whether it is colored with white wedding dress or fashionable colored dress, all match properly. If you select the lively style outdoor wedding, under the blue sky and green plants background, sweet pink will look more brilliant and bright.

Bridesmaid Dresses Colors for Summer Wedding

About to be a bridesmaid in the summer wedding, have you had a good pick of what colored bridesmaid dress yet? Although bridesmaid is less eye-catching than bride, it also requires bridesmaid dress themselves carefully. Below we recommend some good bridesmaid dresses colors for summer wedding for your reference.

1. Blue

Bridesmaid dress is not the most attractive but requires the most to highlight temperament. To choose a blue dress would look very elegant. Light blue dress can also bring some fresh and cool feeling to the wedding and guests. And dark blue will highlight your elegant and mature temperament.

2. Yellow

The color that lets people no longer feel tired and lazy in summer is yellow, which is lively and vibrant, so this hot summer will jump up. Wearing this colored dress at a wedding, bridesmaids can certainly give people pleasant and impressive feeling.

3. Purple

A romantic wedding will certainly not lack of the embellishment of purple color. Purple is elegant and romantic. Romantic bridesmaids can choose purple dresses to create a romantic landscape for your best friends’ wedding.

4. Orange

Bright orange color is also very suitable for bridesmaid dress. Standing beside the bride will let people feel like bright summer sunshine. It also increases enthusiasm for the wedding.

5. Green

Green bridesmaid dresses are not inferior at all, even as the bride’s “green leaf”, it also well highlights the temperament and leaves cool, comfortable and relaxed summer wedding atmosphere.

6. Red

Red represents the vigor, and is also particularly suitable for lively summer outdoor wedding. Short and sexy red bridesmaid dress will highlight your youthful and hot temperament, and beautiful long red bridesmaid dress design will allow you to become the second beautiful lady at the wedding.

2014 New Bridesmaid Dress Style – Simple and Low-key

Compared to bridal wedding dress, bridesmaid dress is much simpler and more low-key, but this does not mean that you can easily pick the bridesmaid dresses. Choose one of the latest bridesmaid dresses, not only can enhance their own temperament, but also can sublimate the wedding theme. Next let’s learn together about the latest styles of 2014 bridesmaid dresses!

1. White classic bridesmaid dresses

White is the most common, most classic and most impeccable color, and also best matches the beautiful and romantic wedding scene atmosphere. This long white spaghetti straps dress is quiet, elegant and reveals elegant and sexy sense, definitely worth a consideration. Black wide belt sketches out the slim waistline, showing the beauty of the bridesmaids. With diamond jewelry, is filled with feminine, really impressive, perhaps, you can meet your future groom at the wedding. However, before choosing this dress, remember to confirm with the bride you will not happen to wear the same!

2. Short bridesmaid dresses

At the wedding, bridesmaid will naturally not only eat, drink and laugh, in order to facilitate the action, bridesmaid dress need to be simple and neat. Classic and elegant A-line dress and length around the knee is the best choice and good for all sizes of bridesmaid. Tulle sheer illusion jewel neck stitching with lightweight chiffon, highlight fashionable and nifty sexy. As a comparatively picky color, green can bring out your different tastes and temperament.

3. Halter bridesmaid dresses

This halter style dress is really beautiful, halter, strapless, fitting waist and hip, perfectly showing the bridesmaid’s graceful figure and elegance. No decoration, simple is the best to reflect your beauty. Dark purple is ideal for mature and elegant bridesmaids.

4. Bridesmaid group dresses

There is always a bridesmaids group to form a beautiful landscape at the wedding. The girls of different usual style put on a uniform dress and witness the happiness of their best friends. At the moment it will not be wrong to pick the blue color, which will look good for everyone and also express a fresh elegance. Having slightly different treatment in the details, it can reflect the bridesmaids ‘different temperament and personality.

Four Classic Bridal Accessories Embellish Bridal Styling

Perfect bride styling needs to consider the details from head to toe. Some classic bridal accessories are the essential bridal decorations at the wedding. Want to know what kind of classic bridal accessories there are? Next to recommend four classic bridal accessories to add points for the perfect bridal styling.

1. Handbag

Holding a shiny handbag at the wedding can let you easily become the focus of attention. Shiny handbag can be the perfect match with a plain wedding dress, or it can also be the wedding dress having an outer layer of pearl gloss. Such a match will both enhance the charm of the wedding dress and would not grab its limelight.

2. Personalized necklace

One personalized necklace is also an indispensable accessory at the wedding, and also the brides’ favorite wedding accessories. Especially for the brides wearing a relatively simple or strapless wedding dress, dressed with a nice necklace can make the whole become more attractive. What need to pay attention is that when choosing a necklace it needs to be well matched with the wedding dress. If you want to wear a necklace to express individuality, it must ensure that its material is matched with the wedding. If the wedding dress is a silver beaded dress, you can select a necklace with silver as basement. No matter which type of jewelry, all must be matched with the wedding dress style.

3. Classic beading belt

Although the wedding dress itself looks good, if you want to make yourself look more gorgeous and moving, you can give yourself a classic beading decorated belt. Like this kind of classic beading belt will never become obsolete, and also can be used with all styles of wedding dresses, especially for close waist style, dressed with a dazzling belt, allowing you to become more stylish and slim.

4. Bridal veil

Bridal veil is one of the indispensable wedding bridal accessories, whether you are casual long hair or high rolled-up hair style, the veil can make your styling become more beautiful and attractive. Veil is a versatile accessory, whether with what style of wedding dress is very suitable. If you want to become a charming and elegant bride, you may wish to wear a pearl decorated veil. If you choose a vintage style wedding dress, you can choose a chic feathered veil, looking even full of more classical beauty.

Lace Gives Guests Outfit Inspiration

This year, soft lace is the most popular product elements. Exquisite and beautiful lace embroidery can bring delicate and romantic feminine for numerous single products, from upper to lower body, as long as you have some lace elements, you can right away join the fashion range. Today we will introduce three lace dresses. Wearing such a dress in the wedding, it will definitely let you stunning all the presents.

The knee-length dress has a combination of flowing chiffon and elegant lace fabric to form a double-layer design, and to set lively and soft sense in one, comfortable and stylish. It exposes romantic and aesthetic lace hem, to show a different kind of wedding fashion. Sheath cut and use of light color is particularly suitable for women of slender physique, with the same color of jewelry, showing elegant and charming temperament.

This tea length dress creates delicate lace jacquard with extraordinary craftsmanship. Low-key navy blue can best show the noble temperament of mature women. Fitted waist cut outlines graceful stature. Ruching design at the chest and waist can make themselves look plump and slim. Sheath skirt can set off the hip and leg lines. The combination of lace and tulle is stylish and gorgeous, so every woman can easily create a beautiful image of elegant extravagance.

Delicate and refined weave creates this beautiful lace top, with the same colored pure chiffon dress, immediately presenting a noble and perfect overall style. Refined texture, carefully crafted three-dimensional appliqués, and light tulle shawl, everything is so delicate and impressed.

Big Learning in Little Veil

Today we are talking about an important accessory at the wedding dress of the bride – veil. Although veil is small, the selection can be a great deal of knowledge. A good choice of veil will make the bride’s overall image and temperament get greatly improved. Then how to choose a most suitable veil to highlight the temperament?

The floor length veil is the most popular among the various veil styles. It is also regarded as the most classic style as well. The long mopping effect may seem an exaggeration, and it is also inconvenient to take care of them, but only this veil is able to fully express the sacred feeling of the bride in a wedding. And the noble sense exuded by this veil is suitable for a wide variety of wedding dresses, whether it is a lovely tutu dress or a sheath dress, it all can be a perfect match.

Because of its various shapes, from the oval to square shape, veil can perform too many different temperament and charm. Veil covering the face are generally designed to be square, and the kind of short veil and the veil long to elbow are mostly designed to be oval. The majority of long to fingertip veil are designed in the shape of tear. When the bride selects the veil, they must select carefully according to the shape of the face as well as their own wedding dress.

In addition to paying attention to the length, the decorative details are also very important. Do not think that the veil is simply a piece of tulle. Actually, the small details on the veil all affect your entire wedding dress look. The embellishment on the veil is very important, such as the small beading, pearls, flowers, lace and other accessories. Different types of accessories can create different effects. It can be selected according to the effect you want.

Edge of the veil can also be made unique, whether it is a modern seamless edge design, or a cute and nifty hemming added ribbon or bow, all can make the whole wedding dress style look more beautiful.

Youthful and Nifty Wedding Dress Lets You Look like a Young Girl

As the most important matter in life, many younger brides expect the wedding to be more lively and personalized, and then a lovely and chic wedding dress is indispensable weapon. Today, we will introduce four nifty wedding dresses, come see if there is a design you like it!

1. Short ball gown

Ball gown is always an excellent style for looking young, especially short tulle ball gown. Fluffy and smart hem moves and sways with the bride’s posture, bursting out with boundless energy of youth. Layers of light tulle are filled with fantasy and charming atmosphere, with high rolled hair style, it makes you change into a nifty ballet dancer, dynamic and elegant.

2. Bow decoration

What else is better than bow to reflect the cute and innocent mind of little girls? Simple wedding dress with personalized hair style looks full of young modern girl’s fashion charm. And the big decorative bow at the skirt hem makes you not lose the innocent and cute temperament of little girl.

3. Flower decoration

If you prefer the elegant style wedding dress, to pretend to be young, in fact, you can choose to have a sheath wedding dress embellished with flowers. Coupled with a long tulle veil, it will make a big difference on styling. Sheath tailoring outlines your graceful figure curve, and the selection of lace material lets you exude a romantic feminine. And the flowers add you charming and sweet little woman flavor.

4. Gentle color

To pretend to be young, with the color is the most direct way. Pick gentle colors, not necessarily the pink one, the macaroon colors are a good choice, plus other nifty design, will make you glow fascinating vitality and charm.