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Gorgeous Long Bridesmaid Dress- The Choice of Grand Wedding

Basically bridesmaids will choose to wear short style bridesmaid dress, but if the new couple’s wedding is grand enough, the aura of bridesmaid group naturally cannot be weakened, so long bridesmaid dress is the best choice. Here to introduce several long bridesmaid dresses.

1. Sexy spaghetti straps

Chiffon is always with a little fresh flavor, but this white chiffon spaghetti straps bridesmaid dress reveals the bridesmaid’s sexy and enchanting feminine temperament. Classic black and white contrast color design allows this simple dress to instantly look fashionable. Wide belt sketches out the bridesmaid’s beautiful body curve. Chiffon’s soft texture gives a crystal clear sense, and embodies the elegant details and beautiful yet low-key.

2. Gorgeous satin

Common mostly seen bridesmaid dress material is light and flowing chiffon, in the cooler season to try a satin bridesmaid dress that highlights the noble qualities will add more grand and luxurious atmosphere to the wedding. Deep V-neck design is sexy and charming, showing off the good figure of the bridesmaid. The belt design allows the bridesmaid to look even more slender, and steady green color tone makes the bridal image look more elegant and charming yet not too bright.

3. Purple one-shoulder

Elegant and eye-catching purple lets people’s eyes light up and exudes a mysterious charm atmosphere. The asymmetrical shoulder design gives the bridesmaid an elegant temperament. The unique strap design allows the dress to look more delicate. Slim waist and cut also let the bridesmaid’s body more slim and moving.

4. Pink flower

Same as an oblique-shoulder dress, this pink bridesmaid dress with flower embellishment builds a completely different temperament with the last purple one. Soft pink gown has a dot of sweet flavor. Simple flower strap design shows the bridesmaid’s sexy collarbone and impressive figure. The ruching design full of charm sweeps all over the upper body, bringing unusual delicate touch.

Brides Only Wear White? Why not Challenge Colored Wedding Dress

Do brides have to wear a white wedding dress at the wedding? While the white wedding dress is the classic of classics, I believe many a modern brides are not willing to be ordinary, then why not boldly challenge the colored wedding dress? Compared to the pain elegance of white wedding dress, colored wedding dress is more of smartness. Romantic pink, ornate silver, mysterious black, or elegant blue, there must be one that makes stylish brides fall in deep love and cannot escape.

Romantic pink

Among the many colored wedding dress, pink series with its unique elegant and romantic feel, have won the favorite of many brides. Even Hollywood stars are no exception, such as Anne Hathaway and Jessica Biel.

Gorgeous silver

Silver wedding dress always gives a Bling Bling feeling. With sequins or crystals sketched lines or collaged three-dimensional pattern makes the wedding dress look even more gorgeous and noble. And in the party after the wedding ceremony, a sequins or jewelry decorated Bling Bling dress will let the bride quickly filled with unique gorgeous feeling.

Mysterious Black

Black is the representative of sexy and mysterious temperament. When the black wedding dress was boldly launched, the black elements have begun to more and more integrate into the wedding dress. Even the Canadian punk queen Avril Lavigne could not escape the grab of the black in her second wedding, in which she appeared wearing a black dress that made her look more sexy and punk.

Elegant Blue

Blue is so deep and charismatic. Of course, blue wedding dress is also changing, sometimes fresh and playful, sometimes sexy and elegant, which is also why the bride and groom love it. When it is combined with the three-dimensional flounced pattern, it reveals the bride’s lovely and touching; when it is combined with hollow and tulle, it is so fascinating and attractive.

Different Wedding Venues to Choose Different Styles of Wedding Dress (Ⅱ)

Wedding dress selection is the most critical part on bridal styling, so how to choose the right wedding dress is what all future brides want to know. Different wedding venues will also affect the choice of wedding dress style. Then how to choose the dress style according to the different wedding venue? In the last article, we have introduced the wedding dress style choices for three venues, and today we look at what kind of wedding dress to wear for the other two venues.

1. Church wedding 
Church wedding is sacred and solemn, which also is the wedding form sought after by modern couple. On the church wedding dress selection, we should pay more attention, not any style can be selected. Church wedding is ideal to wear retro-style wedding dress. The use of lace elements covers the bare skin, sexy yet dignified. Trailing wedding dress is also very suitable for the church wedding. The wide channel is able to let the train spread, and also to highlight the bride’s noble and the dress’ gorgeous sense. But like the deep V-neck, sweetheart, backless and other elements that highlight the sexy flavor is not suitable for church wedding. It is disrespectful for the clergy.

2. Private club
Clubhouse is more humane than the hotel, and also has a very strong privacy. Club style is generally more intense, the couple can choose the wedding dress with classic and fashionable sense coexisted, and then add the appropriate personality. It may make use of wedding dress to present noble individual identity, reflecting the strength or importance of the wedding. In spring and summer, we can choose a short style to show the contemporary sense and match with the buildings and environmental surroundings. Select satin indoor and outdoor choose yarn. Veil can be a little bit exaggerated. With veil to shape a slightly exaggerated style is now a very popular bridal dressing method.

Different Wedding Venues to Choose Different Styles of Wedding Dress

In the selection of wedding dress, brides-to-be often overlook the factor of wedding venue. In fact, at different wedding venues, the bride should choose to wear a different dress. Now we are to teach you how to choose the bride’s wedding dress in different styles depending on the wedding venue.

1. Beach wedding

More and more new couples choose to hold a beach wedding. Beach wedding dress is not suitable for being overly complex, and lightweight sheath tailoring is the first election. Beading wedding always focuses on romantic theme. When the bride’s wedding dress is blown up by the sea breeze, how beautiful picture it is! Spaghetti straps, one-shoulder or wedding dress with slightly decorated straps all can be selected. Remember a word “light” and the effect created will be very fairy. The heavy satin fabric wedding dress, complicatedly decorated wedding dress or long veil is not suitable for beach weddings.

2. Star hotels

Star hotel is generally in the grand and gorgeous architectural style, with such venues as the atmosphere, it is recommended to select the gorgeous and luxurious wedding dress. Satin large training wedding dress is a top choice. Meanwhile, in the styling, you can also choose dazzling diamonds to create a luxurious image to match with the solemn atmosphere of the venue. If it is in the summer, you can choose relatively thin and elegant lace, or other fabrics of a mixture with satin. Satin is also particularly suitable for winter wedding, to create a luxury sense out of romance and steady sense in thick.

3. General restaurant and hotel

If the wedding venue is in a general hotel or restaurant, then accordingly choose more popular and fashionable wedding dress, generally not select a special senior wedding dress. Because the space may be limited, large training wedding dress cannot be effectively shown and inconvenient to move. Fashionable wedding dresses are not always cheaper. In the limited space, the distance between the bride and the guests is closer, so we must ensure the quality of the wedding dress. It can be strapless but not be too low, to show elegant and generous temperament without losing the sacred sense.

How to Choose a Fall Wedding Dress – With Elegant Style to Be More Beautiful

Fall is coming, as a bride ready to marry in this season, are you still annoyed with how to select the wedding dress? Weather begins to become a little cool, then what kind of wedding dress will let you become a dazzling bride in the season of great temperature difference? In fact, many wedding dresses have made changes to deal with the relatively changing temperature, which can guarantee the bride’s body heat while still allowing the bride to show the stylish side.

1. Lace long-sleeved wedding dress

Such a long-sleeved lace wedding dress is both able to show the gorgeous sense and let the bride feel enough temperature. The most important is this dress does not look too bloated, very suitable for this season’s match.

2. Strapless wedding dress with the same color jacket

Strapless wedding dresses may be somewhat of inadequate warm effect in this season, and also appears to be too monotonous. If you really love in strapless style, then it can be coupled with a chic same colored jacket, so the fashionable feel comes out, and it is also one of the more practical approaches.

3. Daily wear style with fitted hats or jewelry

If you want to make yourself look more mature, you can choose a wedding dress that is similar to daily wear style, but you still need a little jewelry to match, or you can choose relatively beautiful hat or headwear.

4. Small fur shawl

If you happen to choose the strapless wedding dress style but worried the temperature is not enough, now you can choose a fur shawl to match with the dress. Delicate little fur shawl not only adds a lot of elegance to your wedding dress, but also allow you not to worried about the bare shoulders’ cold problem.

Recommended Fashionable 2014 Summer Bridesmaid Dresses

To choose a stylish bridesmaid dress will brings this summer wedding some cool and lively sense. Soon to be a bridesmaid, have you picked out your bridesmaid dress? Today, we give a recommendation of four 2014 summer bridesmaid dresses. Maybe you would like to appreciate the elegance of them!

Pink is the most common color among bridesmaid dresses, and very suitable for sweet bridesmaids, as it is of soft beauty yet without losing sexy. One-shoulder is the very popular detail design element in recent years, besides, the flower embellishment is an increase of sweet flavor. The length of just touching the ground is also very appropriate, highlighting the bridesmaid’s elegance. This bridesmaid dress makes people feel the wedding full of happiness and sweet.

Vibrant yellow gives people a feeling of bright spots in the sweltering summer. This short bridesmaid dress is fresh and lively, full of youthful energy, with the sexy shoulder straps style, so your charm will be favorably presented at the wedding!

Green is a calming color, very suitable for this wedding season filled with flowers. Thankfully, green dress is also super wild for a variety of wedding, it will double your elegance as a bridesmaid without grabbing the bride’s thunder.

Elegant and solemn gray color line has also been a favorite for bridesmaids. Dressed in stylish and dignified gray, plus the ruching design on the shoulder and skirt body will make the bridesmaid look more sexy and elegant, and also appropriately sets off the beauty of the bride’s white wedding dress.

In the 2014 summer, are you ready to wear a stylish bridesmaid dress to attend your best friend’s wedding? Above are our 2014 summer bridesmaid dresses recommended for everyone. Don’t miss it if you are to be a bridesmaid in this summer!

Lace Bridesmaid Dress Recommendation – To Show Your Beauty

Romantic lace style has been active in the bridal wedding dress area in recent years, and lace bridesmaid dress style has gradually emerged as the bridesmaid dresses protagonist as well. Want to be a stylish bridesmaid? Then hurry to choose a lace a bridesmaid dress! Now let’s take a look at the charm given by lace bridesmaid dress!

Blue reveals gorgeous and noble temperament. The lace design above the chest looks so cute and chic. Such a bridesmaid dress will be surely popular in the bridesmaid group! Though it is not the moment that belongs to our own, we also need to show our own unique charm!

Black has always been the representative for sexy and attractive women. The low-cut hollow lace neck and open back design will even distribute such a sexy atmosphere to the extreme. Although just as a bridesmaid, we maybe will encounter our future Mr. Right at the wedding. Then let this sexy flavor continue diffusing!

Nude color bridesmaid dress exudes not only an elegant temperament, but also the kind of a different sexy beauty. Although not noble as the bride’ white wedding dress, it is not lack of a unique flavor. Put on such a bridesmaid dress and wait for your moment to come!

Pink lace bridesmaid dress is the main color of lace style bridesmaid dresses. Simple, pure, and elegant, these words used in such a pink lace bridesmaid dress is very appropriate. With a bunch of blooming flowers, sweet is self-evident.

Lace style is very popular in the last two years, appeared on a variety of clothing and accessories, to decorate a different flavor. Dressed in lace style bridesmaid dress, while setting off the bride, we also bloom our gentle temperament.

For Future Brides: Goddess Feel of White Dress

Brides always have a special liking for white color. With a long white dress on will instantly give out a strong aura like goddess. Different design styles and different mix, each one can wear out the different feeling! Today we introduce several white dresses for future brides to wear at their wedding dinner so to present the goddess temperament!

This long white dress is of the classic combination of strapless neckline and ruching embellishment. Plus the waist style, it has a great effect on presenting the figure. The multicolored beadings are embellished in it to exude understated luxury light, rich the visual effects and let the wearer’s elegance promptly presented. With a pair of light colored high-heeled wedding shoes, the elegant temperament will be greatly soared. The white dress is simple and clean that will make a lot of brides fall in love.

Pure and elegant, you are the groom’s goddess all the life! White dress is able to highlight the bride’s temperament and elegance. Regardless of age, regardless of the occasion, a white dress can always wear out your elegance. Plus with unique and personalized details embellishment and jewelry accessories, so you highlight the self-style while absolutely shines all the audience!

Dress with a simple but classic match, instantly enhances the bride’s temperament, by which elegant style comes out! In a simple dress but want to show off your sexy charm? A white high-slit dress is your choice. Ruching design sketches out the perfect curve of the chest and waist, while the high-slit design is definitely not to be missed by the bride who has a pair of beautiful and slender legs. If you worry the overall is too dull, then wear some metal accessories that are full of personality! A pair of nice wedding shoes is also essential!