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Warm and Lightweight Long-sleeved Wedding Dress

Fall atmosphere is more and more strong, and the weather is getting cooler. The reduced temperature lets many brides feel some cold in organizing outdoor wedding. In this season, the warm problem can be solved as long as the bride wearing a long-sleeved wedding dress. Long-sleeved wedding dress is good to keep warm but not necessarily heavy, so if you expect both grace and temperature, then choose a lightweight long-sleeved wedding dress!

Transparent sensed long-sleeved wedding dress. The bateau neck design is inherently sexy, plus the transparent style design on the upper body vaguely exposing skin, it gives out more temptation breath. The lightweight transparent design lets the long-sleeved wedding dress not appear hot and give a gentle romantic sense.

The palace style sheath waist design creates a distinct waist proportions. The exquisite lace long sleeves have a slightly transparent sense, very suitable for traditional church wedding. The fluffy satin skirt hem is gorgeous and beautiful; with a tulle veil it gives more lightness, to balance the weight sense of the upper and lower body proportion.

A-line tulle wedding gown. If you expect a romantic long-sleeved wedding dress, then choose the sleeves crafted by pure lace embroidery which has stronger manufacturability. Combined with the slightly fluffy A-line hem, it is light and without significantly heavy sense.

Lightweight large chiffon hem. In the windy fall season, how can it lack of the flying skirt hem? The large chiffon hem is lightweight and gorgeous, moving with the wind. With the retro high neck and long lantern sleeve upper body design, it highlights the extremely gorgeous and beautiful style.

Keep up with the New Trends and Find Your Favorite Wedding Dress (II)

In the previous blog article, we introduced four kinds of the latest wedding dress trends, and today we are going to introduce several other fashionable and beautiful wedding dresses.

1. Off-the-shoulder style

It’s not difficult to find that more and more off-the-shoulder styles appear in major T stage, which is also obvious and natural. Off-the-shoulder style is easy to create sexy and romantic feelings, and more importantly, this kind of design gets very great slim effect. Off-the-shoulder design can create the inverted triangle effect in the upper body, and your beautiful waistline instantly becomes the focus!

If you do not want to always be careful to pull your strapless skirt, or don’t want to be troubled by your shabby spaghetti straps dress, then try on such a kind of designed wedding dress! It shows sexy and romantic elements, and creates lovable bride image. They are very popular as well in this seasonal wedding dress fashion week.

2. Transparent and shiny high-neck waistcoat

This kind of design gets the inspiration from retro and bohemian style. The waistcoat occurred for the religious requirement of covering the shoulders. If you are a religious bride, this kind of design can both meet the religious requirements and meet bride’s pursuit of fantastic beauty. Put on it to your wedding ceremony and catch more attentions!

3. Bold usage of cold colors

There is no regulation that bride must wear white wedding dress. Some people like that touch of shy pink in girl’s face and many famous brands have launched rainbow wedding dress series to break the routine and show individuality. Fashion week brings unexpected colors to wedding dress designs and highlights people’s self and individual requirements. These bold and saturated colors bring wedding dress subtle color effects.

Keep up with the New Trends and Find Your Favorite Wedding Dress (I)

Select wedding dress is not that simple, everybody wants to follow the trend and to be a veritable fashion bride. Today we introduce the latest trends in wedding dresses, which are gorgeous, elegant, simple and delicate. What are you waiting for? Now check it out.

1. Ball gown that is thin like air

Ball gown style is still the classic version to show youth, traditional ball gown gives too much vigor and lovely feelings, and now it still be made in fluffy style, but with lighter fabric subtly changing the heavy sense brought by layered. Strapless design has more relaxed and lazy feelings. While walking the hem flows lightly and shows amazing beauty! This ball gown not only shows fantastic feeling, compared to the previous seasonal designs, it get more relaxed shoulders and neat tailoring, suitable for brides with princess complex.

2. Modern minimalism style

Bling-Bling style has special status in our hearts. But this season neat cutting lines bring the designers more inspirations, which can be perfect embodiment of superb tailoring. The minimalism applied to the making of bridal dress both completes the target of comfort and shows the elegant beauty.

3. Exaggerated neck design

Want to replace the position of common strapless and sweetheart necks? Traditional sweetheart neckline design has slowly taken a back seat at the wedding dress fashion week, and instead a wide range of exaggerated necks have developed to the extreme. From the halter neckline to V-neck, a variety of tight styles emerges and exhibits in the runway. This wedding dress with front bateau neck matched with deep V back design, and the properly used illusion lace shows out the smart thought.

4. Visual magic

People are often fascinated by the visual illusion effect. The temptation of sexy elements certainly can’t be missed. If you fall in love with elegant beauty, then take a look at this temperament wedding dress. Transparent tulle and lace outside with the sheath inner lining provide you enough imagination. Besides, the design elements are pure without cumbersome feelings, and the elegant champagne color adds more elegant flavors.

Refuse Single Color – Bridesmaid Dresses Can also Be Fashionable

Single colored bridesmaid dress has always been the best choice for bridesmaids, which is to avoid overly fancy design and color will grab the bride’s thunder, but gradually we have found that, in fact, a non-single color bridesmaid dresses can also be a good set off for the bride’s wedding dress, and sometimes even more prominent to present the bridal dress’ charm. Today, we will introduce several non-single color bridesmaid dresses, come to take a look at what kind of special features they have!

1. Contrast color. In fact, contrast colored bridesmaid dresses is easier to manage than the single colored bridesmaid dresses. in general, contrast color design distinguishes the upper from the lower body, in which it is very easy to adjust the bridesmaid’s body proportions by color, and just remember to choose the same color series or well-matching colors would not look too fancy!

2. Sequins. Sequined bridesmaid dress actually does not specifically take away the bride’s thunder; instead, the white wedding dress will be more impressive among a group of sequined dress. In addition, sequins can also let the original dull color become more fashionable, and therefore it is particularly suitable for fall wedding!

3. Stripes. Single colored bridesmaid dresses are really too monotonous, and cannot be a good highlight of the beauty of the bride dress, then will it have more beauty to choose a stripes bridesmaid dress? In fact, no matter the stripes, dots or geometric shapes can be combined with the bridesmaid dresses in use of pastel, and there will be unexpected fresh results!

4. Lace. If you want to play the security card but not want to just wear a single colored dress, then lace bridesmaid dress is a good choice. Champagne background with black hollow lace creates a romantic and elegant bridesmaid style!

What Style of Wedding Dress Is Good to Shape the Arm Line

At the wedding day, it is almost impossible to expose the arms, then how to cover the fleshy part of the arm? In fact, as long as the wedding dress style selection is right, it can be a good modification on the arm lines! Today we share with you several beautiful wedding dresses than can shape the arm line.

1. Bateau neck wedding dress. If you want to modify the arm lines, we must abandon the simple strapless wedding dress style. If you are in deep love with showing the collarbone, you may try the bateau neck wedding dress, which can cover the thickest part of your arm, expose the shoulder and highlight the collarbone so to make you look slimmer!

2. Have a shawl. Many people have obsession for strapless wedding dress, or that happens to love a certain strapless wedding dress, so in order to modify the arm lines, you can choose a long shawl to wrap around the arm, which will not only make your wedding dress styling look more romantic, but also can cover most of the skin of your arm so to modify the arm lines.

3. Dolman sleeves. In everyday dress, many girls with thick arms like to select dolman sleeved shirts, because this kind of sleeves can well shape the arm lines and hide the fat on the arms. So we can also use it on the wedding dress. A tall girl choosing a dolman sleeves + V-neck dress will avoid giving a too majestic feeling.

4. Half-sleeved V-neck dress. If you feel your entire upper arms are very sturdy and the shoulders are too broad as well, you can use a half-sleeved wedding dress to decorate the arm lines, but remember with deep V neckline, otherwise it will give people the feeling of the upper body being too heavy.

V Neckline Design Wedding Dress – the Best Choice to Romantic Wedding

Delicate design of V neck is full of beautiful sentiment, with flowing and elegant tulle material to laminate the mist-like fantastic romance, distinct levels and soft. The atmosphere is full of gorgeous feelings and refined temperament deductive between activities, have a good shape body brides are worth trying.

Elegant deep V neckline usually with close cutting style, this kind of wedding dress is always with low neckline and petal shaped lace neckline lace arc, but the whole dress is very smooth and simple, the back curve is also V neck radian to set off the bride’s pure ad clean temperament, no lack of charm.

Bride with wider shoulders can choose a piece of wide collar with more detailed pattern V-neck wedding dress, which can have a narrowing effect in the shoulders on visual. Those decorated with exquisite patterns and wider collar wedding dress can let your shoulders look not seem so thick. In addition, ventilated neck design makes the bride look more feminine, as well as the upper body more lightly and pretty.

Low cut design has V-neck effect, can make your neck curve more charming and slender. Pure pearl necklace ornaments ascend luxury temperament, and lumbar transverse ruchings regular and delicate, tulle and satin fabrics bring the concise A-line design dress misty dreamy feelings, petite brides might as well wear the veil and dance with the dress, which must be beautiful and moving.

Deep V-neck design makes the bride’s face become small, the irregular multi-level skirt hem looks vivid and embroidered flowers add femininity, the veil seemingly at random around the skirt adds the fair maiden temperament to the modern styles. With delicate lace decorated, luxurious revealed sweet and pure sense, catching people’s attention successfully. Vertical pleated pressed tulle skirt with the Greek goddess’s natural and elegant beauty elongated the visual of body line, perfect bride’s figure effectively.

New Worn of Satin Wedding Dress

Mention of satin wedding dress, people tend to think “wedding dress at grandma’s year”, because the satin material gives off too strong retro flavor. But in the recent wedding dress and advanced custom show floor, we found a lot of new satin wedding dress worn. Creative designers combines satin with embroidery, beads, lace or even a combination of high-slit, so while enjoying the elegant and retro feel, satin also opened up a brand new fashionable way.

Romantic lace adorns the entire waist part and train, to instantly upgrade the gentle feminine sense. After special shape handling, satin material is also able to allow the satin wedding dress to be stiff, to fully meet the needs of silhouette shape. Mermaid tailoring is sexy and charming. This dress is absolutely a big weapon to be beautiful for the future brides.

If you feel low neckline wedding dress too sexy, and you want a little “low key” feminine interpretation, then this unique halter designed satin wedding dress is definitely your ideal choice. The irregular ruching makes the stacked dress also to be able to highlight the female waist, so graceful curve of the bride to be fully demonstrated. Long train adds rhythm for the dress, the gloss of satin having more dynamic feel among action, looking more attractive. The beading decoration is the bright spot of the whole dress, which not only effectively avoids the visual fatigue brought by the whole piece of ivory, but also lets the whole dress look more sophisticated and fashionable.

Extremely fit cut is harsh picky on the model’s body lines. Creative one-shoulder design and the fully covered layers of decorative ruching and pick-ups lets the whole dress look definitely gorgeous and of strong aura. Then with the shiny luxury beading, it instantly makes you do a queen instead of being a princess!

This satin wedding dress insists the classic yet stylish minimalist design, to deduce the soft beauty of satin to the extreme. The strapless neckline, mermaid cut and soft train lets the whole dress reveal gentle flavor everywhere. Delicate ruching decoration makes the dress’ lines more abundant, avoiding the monotony of solid colored dress.

Three Essential Big Tools to Look Thin When Taking Wedding Dress Photos

At the moment of taking wedding dress photos, each bride expects to be presented thinner in addition to being beautiful. To be pretty can be completely done through some angles, but to pursue the perfect and thinner wedding dress photos, a specific angle is not enough. We need some tools that are able to help us presented slimmer. Today, we will introduce three big essential weapons to help you achieve your expectation!

Shape wear. Needless to say, shape wear is absolutely a sharp weapon for looking thin. If you want to significantly improve the body lines, shape wear is the best props. Putting on the shape wear although not instantly make your stature look smaller at one size, it can highlight your curvy body lines. In addition, it can tighten the lower abdomen, highlighting the chest, so it naturally presents an S curve.

Small A-line wedding dress. After wearing the shape wear, if having picked the wrong clothes, the bride still looks bloated. If you simply want to highlight the waistline, perhaps a strapless ball gown will meet you, but if you pursue the lines of the body, then a small A-line wedding dress is what you need to prepare. It not only highlights the waist, but also be able to cover your lower body fat to some extent, and the radioactive lines of A-line dress will make your physique look more slender.

High heels. Needless to say the role of high heels in looking thin. “High” and “Thin” these two words have always been linked together, and after you increase the height, the body proportions will naturally become more perfect. The lines will be stretched so it naturally looks thinner!