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New Worn of Satin Wedding Dress

Mention of satin wedding dress, people tend to think “wedding dress at grandma’s year”, because the satin material gives off too strong retro flavor. But in the recent wedding dress and advanced custom show floor, we found a lot of new satin wedding dress worn. Creative designers combines satin with embroidery, beads, lace or even a combination of high-slit, so while enjoying the elegant and retro feel, satin also opened up a brand new fashionable way.

Romantic lace adorns the entire waist part and train, to instantly upgrade the gentle feminine sense. After special shape handling, satin material is also able to allow the satin wedding dress to be stiff, to fully meet the needs of silhouette shape. Mermaid tailoring is sexy and charming. This dress is absolutely a big weapon to be beautiful for the future brides.

If you feel low neckline wedding dress too sexy, and you want a little “low key” feminine interpretation, then this unique halter designed satin wedding dress is definitely your ideal choice. The irregular ruching makes the stacked dress also to be able to highlight the female waist, so graceful curve of the bride to be fully demonstrated. Long train adds rhythm for the dress, the gloss of satin having more dynamic feel among action, looking more attractive. The beading decoration is the bright spot of the whole dress, which not only effectively avoids the visual fatigue brought by the whole piece of ivory, but also lets the whole dress look more sophisticated and fashionable.

Extremely fit cut is harsh picky on the model’s body lines. Creative one-shoulder design and the fully covered layers of decorative ruching and pick-ups lets the whole dress look definitely gorgeous and of strong aura. Then with the shiny luxury beading, it instantly makes you do a queen instead of being a princess!

This satin wedding dress insists the classic yet stylish minimalist design, to deduce the soft beauty of satin to the extreme. The strapless neckline, mermaid cut and soft train lets the whole dress reveal gentle flavor everywhere. Delicate ruching decoration makes the dress’ lines more abundant, avoiding the monotony of solid colored dress.

Three Essential Big Tools to Look Thin When Taking Wedding Dress Photos

At the moment of taking wedding dress photos, each bride expects to be presented thinner in addition to being beautiful. To be pretty can be completely done through some angles, but to pursue the perfect and thinner wedding dress photos, a specific angle is not enough. We need some tools that are able to help us presented slimmer. Today, we will introduce three big essential weapons to help you achieve your expectation!

Shape wear. Needless to say, shape wear is absolutely a sharp weapon for looking thin. If you want to significantly improve the body lines, shape wear is the best props. Putting on the shape wear although not instantly make your stature look smaller at one size, it can highlight your curvy body lines. In addition, it can tighten the lower abdomen, highlighting the chest, so it naturally presents an S curve.

Small A-line wedding dress. After wearing the shape wear, if having picked the wrong clothes, the bride still looks bloated. If you simply want to highlight the waistline, perhaps a strapless ball gown will meet you, but if you pursue the lines of the body, then a small A-line wedding dress is what you need to prepare. It not only highlights the waist, but also be able to cover your lower body fat to some extent, and the radioactive lines of A-line dress will make your physique look more slender.

High heels. Needless to say the role of high heels in looking thin. “High” and “Thin” these two words have always been linked together, and after you increase the height, the body proportions will naturally become more perfect. The lines will be stretched so it naturally looks thinner!

Recommended Sexy and Fashionable Prom Dress for Bride

At the wedding, in addition to a long wedding dress, several unique and fashionable dresses for the wedding dinner or party are inevitable as well. Here we recommend several prom dresses for future brides. With them you will be a fashionable and sexy temperament bride at the wedding.

The dress is beautiful like a mermaid. On the elegant and smooth black fabric, the flashing effect of the sequins is very attractive and charming! Two straps with deep V-neck, plus sheath waist design, it is perfect to show off the bride’s sexy charm! The hem drawn to the ground is more to highlight the bride’s grace and elegance! The overall design is simple yet stylish and moving!

Shallow green color is fresh and full of vitality, giving a pleasant and comfortable visual enjoyment! This dress is of a simple and gorgeous design, with a unique diamond belt, so the bride instantly becomes different! The upper ruching design has a good modification for the breast shape, very suitable for small chest brides. Side slit design shows your charming legs to give a looming sexy attract.

With the right dress color to achieve the harmony of the main wedding color is very important. If your wedding’s main color is silver or gold, or noble blue or purple diamond color, it might be that you have to pick the dress with the same sense of quality. The dress made of glossy satin fabric is the preferred choice to present elegant and luxury temperament. Halter neck with a high waist design is perfect to show your chest charm! The crystal embellishment sets off the luxury and grand wedding atmosphere, so you exude a blinding light like goddess.

White dress, sweetheart neckline, high waist design with decorative pink flowers and gold beading, the overall looks very harmonious and sweet, romantic and unconventional! Fluffy skirt draws to the ground, so the bride is elegant like a princess. This dress is a good choice too!

Sexy yet not Vulgar Backless Wedding Dress

Compared to the usual dress worn out to the streets, wedding dress has a much deeper sex appeal, such as strapless, deep V-neck and spaghetti straps are all common seen styles. However, although a large area of exposed skin design can increase the level of elegance and sexy, for some brides whose stature is not that perfect, for example, it is not a good thing for flat chest brides. And the busty brides would seem loud because of too much exposure. At this moment, backless wedding dresses become their gospel. Next, let’s enjoy together the charm of several sexy without being vulgar backless wedding dresses!

W-shaped backless wedding dress. Such a kind of wedding dress is generally designed with halter, and at the back, with a thin strap connect the halter and the back isosceles triangle, leaving sphenoid exposed. The bare degree of this wedding dress style is relatively large, usually not having any cover at the part from the arm to the bone, so fleshy arms and back are not suitable to wear. And skinny brides need to take care of both sides of the chest to not be emptied!

U-shaped backless wedding dress. ” U “shaped backless wedding dresses generally do not have too much bare look. This dress uses two long draping straps under the neck to make a decorative effect, so this wedding dress becomes fascinating and charming. This kind of wedding dress fits for most brides, to give a decent and elegant exposure.

Deep V-neck backless wedding dress. Deep V-neck wedding dress is perfect for flat chest brides. The unique chiffon back style of this wedding dress can divert attention and also modifies the arms, while coupled with the front V-neck straps styles, it does not have to worry about emptied.

Cross back wedding dress. Such a backless wedding dress requires the bride with great stature to wear, because it not only for has stringent requirements the back line, and even requires the bride’s waist to be slim as well. These are all advantages for tall and thin brides, and therefore, particularly suitable for them to wear, to let them exude sex appeal while not giving vulgar sense.

Recommended Latest Fall and Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dress selection is very particular, as it cannot compete about the charm with the bride, but needs to highlight the bridesmaid’s elegance. Here we recommend some of the latest fall and winter bridesmaid dresses. Go with us to have a look.

If the bridesmaid wants to share some of the attention while standing beside the beautiful and elegant bride, you must wear out the different charm and flavor from the bride’s. This short pink bridesmaid dress can be a good highlight of nifty temperament. The unique skirt hem design makes the whole dress look more distinctive, revealing a unique and lively bridesmaid. Irregular three-dimensional flowers embellish around the chest and waist, to add more sweet and romantic colors for the bridesmaid and the wedding.

In the wedding, if you want to be a sexy and elegant little bridesmaid, a little black dress is definitely the first choice. Deep V-neck designed little black dress can present your perfect body figure, to appear confident and elegant. At the neat waist adding some ruching design allows the simple little black dress to be more unique, and makes you look more feminine. With a pair of simple high-heeled shoes on the same color, it will not only let you look taller, but also make sexy and elegant you look full of romance.

The simpler the more it can reveal temperament. Simple bridesmaid dress can definitely accentuate the elegance. This champagne dress doesn’t have unique tailoring design, or complicated decorative embellishment. It simply uses simple lines to sketch out the wearer’s elegant figure, highlighting the bridesmaid’s tall stature. This dress is very suitable for tall bridesmaid. It will set off you to be more elegant and full of goddess feel.

Elegant and noble blue dress in the wedding is the most prominent to highlight the bridesmaid’s temperament. Irregular skirt hem is full of modern flavor. The high-low design is able to modify the legs shape, to make the legs look more slender while adding elegance. With such a dress worn on the body, the bridesmaid will instantly turn into elegant and fashionable temperament goddess.

The Latest Uniform Bridesmaid Dress Recommendation to Create a Stylish Sister Group

Nowadays bridesmaid is indispensable at the wedding, and many people have a strong lineup of wedding bridesmaid group. But how to design the bridesmaid dresses sometimes makes people tangled. Here we take a look at the latest unified bridesmaid dress recommendation, to let you easily create beautiful and stylish sister group at the wedding.

1. Same dress with different neck design

If you want to break with tradition, but also expect your bridesmaids group to show a united atmosphere, and do not want to classify their outlines in the photo which maybe will make them feel uncomfortable, then first determine the basic style and color of a bridesmaid dress, and then show the dress style chart to your bridesmaids to let them choose their favorite bridesmaid dress neckline style, and at last custom tailor the dress according to their choices.

2. Same style but different color

If you feel the same colored bridesmaid dress too monotonous, but also want the dresses to look with a certain link and can be distinguished from the other guests, then the same, you can first choose the basic dress style or let your bridesmaids free to pick the dress style. At last you determine the color of the dress. If the bridesmaid dresses show a rainbow colors, it will seem very interesting at the wedding. Note that the election is to be substantially the approximately same color, such as pink and red. And pay attention to the uniform distribution of the colors.

3. The same color but different styles of bridesmaid dress

If you feel a unified style of bridesmaid dress is too monotonous but still want their clothing matched, and then first determine the color of a dress. It is best a color that can be perfectly matched and not common seen. You should carefully consider the conventional colors. Of course, the most unexpected color is black. Then let your bridesmaids choose their own dress style, and make the order after the coordination.

Tips of Picking the Perfect Strapless Wedding Dress

Strapless wedding dress has always been the best-selling style. It is almost suitable for brides of all sizes and can also be matched with a variety of wedding dress hem, to create different styles of wedding dress. However, in the selection of strapless wedding dress, there are still some points we need to take care. How to pick the perfect strapless wedding dress then? Teach you a few tips today.

1. Select the appropriate bra. Be sure to choose strapless bra while wearing strapless wedding dress. Now many brides will choose new strapless bra styles. If you are busty enough, you can also choose to be directly attached with a nubra, which is safe and secure.

2. Select the appropriate size of the wedding dress. Strapless wedding dress is not the same with the other styles of wedding dress, in which even if the size is wrong, it is also able to make up through other parts. But if the size of strapless wedding dress is not correct, it is very easy to fall down. If it is big, it will be emptied, or too small will easy to make crease or easy to highlight the extra fat around the chest.

3. Try to choose a curve style. Strapless wedding dress must have a curve radian. Do not pick straight style skirt type, otherwise there being no waist and lines will make you look very dull and the dress easy to look like pajamas.

4. No less chest decoration. No matter whether your breast shape is plump or not, you should pay attention to the chest part which cannot be cut with completely straight line, as it will make your chest look flat and not curved. In addition, strapless neck with decorations can also help to improve your breast shape and increase your woman flavor.

Dreamy Bridal Dress to Create Beautiful Modern Brides

Before the wedding, every bride will carefully select the wedding dress, and today we bring you several fantasy bridal wedding dresses, which will shape you into a beautiful modern bride. Come to have a look!

In recent two years, the asymmetrical beauty is more popular on the wedding dress. If the bride who likes the personality wants to show their charm at the wedding, a one-shoulder wedding dress like this one should be a good choice. Shoulder straps and asymmetrical ruffles bring a hint of retro atmosphere to the wedding while highlighting the personality of the bride.

For the new couples in love, the bride and groom is both perfect in each other’s eyes, especially when the bride is wearing a beautiful and fitted wedding dress and walking slowly to the groom, the bride should be the most beautiful in his eyes. With this embroidered and beaded mermaid dress made of dreamy material to wear on the body, when the breeze blows, the bride will look like a fairy down to earth.

The biggest bright spot of this bride wedding dress is actually not the sexy and chic back design, but the long transparent removable tulle train, which adds a touch of romantic and fantasy color to the wedding dress and enhances the bride’s elegance.

Bridal wedding dress color in recent years has been far not limited to pure white; instead, pink, red, purple and other colors have emerged. The blue wedding dress brings a fresh feeling to the bride, which is very suitable for beach wedding or blue themed wedding.

Do not like the excessively restraint beauty and elegance? Then in the choice of wedding dress, choose such a pleated wedding dress! The dress style is loose, with personalized and lovely pearl necklace to bring some casual elegance for the bride. At the wedding it does not have to be excessively restraint.