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Fashion Trends of 2014 Bridesmaid Dress

Today we will see what the trend in bridesmaid fashion arena is! We offer five fashion trends of 2014 bridesmaid dress for you!

Color is being rapidly returned to bold series! In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of neutral colors, same color series, and soft pastel colors in the bridesmaids. However, these colors are almost obsolete. In the current wedding color choices, the color also occupies an important role in helping to create some impressive bridesmaid dresses! Many brides are inclined to jewel color tones and other bright colors, no matter what the season is, such colors can be found in some ordinary ladies!

One-shoulder dress is the general trend nowadays, and bridesmaid fashion is no exception! Many brides are choosing this somewhat universal clothing for their bridesmaids, and this style of costume suits for a variety of stature and sizes! It can be matched with long, middle-length and short dresses, which will bring some interesting asymmetric effect for all the photos!

Bohemian style is still very popular in wedding dresses today. The kind of relaxed and natural feeling, which comes out from those quite and lovely things on the bridal dresses, are still attractive for many of our brides. It has the same effect used for bridesmaid dresses! Bohemian dresses tend to pale and elegant colors and have a rustic natural feel. Not surprisingly, it can bring a timeless element to the current trend.

Simple! Short bridesmaid dresses are becoming more and more common now! Let us bravely show off our beautiful legs now! We note that in the dress shelves of many bridal shops, there are a lot more of short dresses than two years ago! We like it, because it allows girls who are wearing bridesmaid dress continue to wear in other gatherings after the wedding, while a long dress is not so practical for an informal party besides the wedding party. Let’s face and pay more attention to short dresses. They’re really cute!

Here we have shared four fashion element of 2014 bridesmaid dress with you! Have you got any ideas for the wedding you are going to attend as a bridesmaid? Hurry to pick a right bridesmaid dress and be a fashionable and beautiful bridesmaid in 2014!

How to build a bridesmaid dress

The bride is the focus of the wedding, but ultimately foil bridesmaid, maid of honor can not only enhance the bride’s gas market, but also easier to create the atmosphere of the wedding. Today we talk about bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid dress may be different than the bride, there are many of them pay attention to, such as non-distracting grab the bride’s thunder. Here we take a look at how to create a suitable bridesmaid dress.

Bridesmaid dress is not necessarily limited to sweet, it is not confined to a particular color, as long as the simple, temperament line wedding location, can achievement beautiful bridesmaids. In addition to the taboo color of black and red bridesmaid dress, bridesmaid dresses a great choice, but it is best to choose the color according to the wedding theme color. Such as the now very popular lavender theme wedding, bridesmaid dresses light purple seductive and noble; white and green themed wedding, if there is a group dressed in light green bridesmaid dress is very eye-catching; blue theme wedding, a group of pale blue dress bridesmaid more extra points for the wedding visual effects.

Number of bridesmaids many not less desirable, the bridesmaid too little prone to feel alone bride. To create a visual harmony bridesmaid team, the best clothing to unify, or prone to chaotic feeling, you can follow three principles: a different style dress best fabric and color unity; color is not uniform dress, the most Fortunately, unified style; or, simply let the bridesmaids wear the same dress.

As a bridesmaid dress generally have two features: a short, simple. Bridesmaid dresses the most appropriate length around the knee short mini dress, gold length to ensure bridesmaid action, does not affect the legwork, and secondly to make bridesmaids look young, lively, and the bride’s dignified and distinguished noble. In addition, the bridesmaids should try to low-key and dignified, not too exposed, fabric satin, chiffon, yarn material.

Bridesmaid dress selection teach you to be the fashion bridesmaid

Bridesmaid wedding a beautiful landscape, bridesmaid dress sloppy addition to color matching needs with the bride’s wedding dress, bridesmaid dress carefully crafted some.

A bride like wedding day bridesmaids rustic dress is the key, oblique, or bare shoulders, short skirts, or skirt, high waist or waist …… savor what it.

The modeling focus: lightweight, easy activities. Usually bridesmaid in the wedding day is very busy, so wear a lightweight dress is very important, keep in mind that you can give yourself tailored.

Sling rich layering too short skirt. The most common style in bridesmaid dresses, the T word shoes with very clever, bridesmaids may wish to learn about.

Bra bubble skirt, style does not like, but this is definitely this year’s hot color to recommend these bridesmaids choose the color of the dress.

Seemingly oblique and not oblique, perhaps the highlight of this dress, the use of shoulder yarn is very natural and harmonious.

Relaxed style, suitable for waist and abdomen fat more bridesmaids, in fact, this dress is not the ideal choice, somewhat excessively bureaucratic.

White hollow dress, are relatively simple and lovely style, suitable for slender petite bridesmaids. For such a simple style, accessories are particularly important.

Pay attention bridesmaid dress

Maid of honor is the time to accompany the bride around and help the bride needs to help a friend or sister of a hand.

The number of bridesmaids, the preparations for the wedding and wedding many trivial things, you have the best for their wedding more than select a few bridesmaids, but remember that 12 is a limit. Abroad, the bridesmaids can single can also be based on the marriage, and can be any age. Domestic general choose unmarried girlfriend or sister as a bridesmaid in fact, might find a married friend, her experience will certainly be able to during the wedding to give you more help.

Dress, when choosing bridesmaid dress, the bride can listen to the views of the bridesmaids, and understand what they like, and with the bridesmaids go buy from their favorite dress selected 2 – 3, try to make the style and color for each bridesmaid, and preferably also can be worn on other occasions. Generally selected, the bride bridesmaids can be arranged together to try to do the final decision.

Style, bridesmaid’s dress and the bride’s wedding dress in the style should be similar. If the bride on the wedding day to wear a formal dress with a long tail, and the bridesmaids wear the vertical floor length dress, and with the appropriate headgear and gloves. Color: bridesmaids can wear the same color but a different style of dress, the entire bridesmaid’s dress does not have to be strictly similar, so that everyone can look very beautiful and there is no sense of formality. Back: we must pay special attention to the dress back is beautiful, because in the celebration when the bridesmaids a long time back to the guests.

The flowers, bridesmaid usually use small similar style and the bride’s bouquet, and they dress with matching color ribbon for decoration. Some additional small accessories added to the bridesmaid’s bouquet, even just a piece of silk, but also make it even more delicate.

How to wear Bridesmaid dresses

It’s the end associated with May, which suggests we have been officially at the start of Summer time Wedding season. If you will be in the wedding come early July, or have been in marriage ceremony crime days gone by, which could suggest you own an expensive maid-matron of honor dress yourself in the control.

Whether or not you imagine this outfit is actually cute or even unsightly, it may wind up hanging in your wardrobe for years to come since you feel that you cannot put it on once more.

Two weeks back, I made it my personal mission for find a way to re-purpose a maid-matron of honor gown that I really cherished. After shelling out near to $250 on this outfit, I understood I had to put it on once again. That was excess amount down the sink over a dress that I just wore for just one day time.

So that you can put on this particular gown once more, I had to create a handful of alterations. The first dress has a flower linked on the midsection on the front-left side from the dress. Though I believed it was adorable, this needed to proceed. Additionally, I needed to use this kind of outfit with toned, precious metal flip flops to really make the gown sense a little more informal, and so i required the hemline upward several ins personally. My partner and i added extended necklaces to accept interest away from the fanciness from the leading 50 % of the dress and I donned any product jacket/bolero since it was a bit chilly in mid-air.

General, I believe this is a prosperous attempt associated with turning an official, bridesmaids in a more casual, but still elegant, outfit. Whenever contemplating re-purposing any bridesmaid outfit, consider if you can make change and so the gown: Is it possible to take up the actual hemline? Include masturbatory sleeves? Minimize the neckline inside a different form? Also ask yourself if you can accessories, like jewelry as well as devices to make the outfit show up much less semi-formal.

Wedding ceremony is absolutely by pointing out bride

Wedding ceremony is absolutely by pointing out bride. The gown, the jewelry, things are picked to make the new bride standout just like a little princess. The same as them, the particular bridesmaids are also right now there to fit bride and also to make the entire entourage seem stunning also. The one thing to keep in mind is the marriage ceremony jeweler must not outperform the actual bride’s diamond jewelry. All things considered, it is the woman’s day time. Bridesmaids’ diamond jewelry is actually typically gifts from your new bride. As a result, if you are on a tight budget, it could be wise to get affordable maid-matron of honor jewelry to lessen the fee. Since, wedding ceremony diamond jewelry for bridesmaids must enhance the particular wedding bride’s gown, in the event the bride sports diamonds, bridesmaids may put on crystal maid-matron of honor jewelry as an alternative to help keep the fee workable. Deciding on the basic dress is the first step in getting bridal party jewelry sets. The actual bridesmaid’s diamond jewelry will certainly essentially need to accentuate clothes very first. Next, the jewelry should also accentuate the overall style from the wedding. Begin their work in an outward direction from your wedding brides outfit, working together with colors and materials to chose a style and appear. When this task is performed, purchasing bridesmaid jewelry will end up easy.

In terms of color  wedding ceremony diamond jewelry for bridal party can either constitute exactly the same shade structure or of your contrasting color plan that enhances the entire concept. As an example, when the concept is actually whitened, it can be accompanied through gem bridesmaids diamond jewelry, bead bridesmaid’s jeweler or even gold maid-matron of honor jewelry. Otherwise, one can choose different shades just like white maid-matron of honor jewelry, brownish bridesmaid’s jeweler and even african american maid-matron of honor diamond jewelry.The appearance of the particular bridesmaids’ jeweler need to accentuate the general style with the wedding ceremony. Maintain it sophisticated and also passionate since much hair styling will go. Contrast hair styling doesn’t go a long way too properly in this instance. Large jewelry operates only once the entire concept calls for that at the.g. Period of time concept.

Furthermore, it is advisable to consult the actual bridal party regarding their very own desire also.Since maid-matron of honor jeweler gifts must be acquired inside multiple units; you can get numerous variety of the same diamond jewelry or even buy them as individual complete units. Your place to start should be the dress or even more especially, the neckline. For instance, wedding gowns with halter neck of the guitar don’t need the pendant to decorate this. Crashing cleavage lines, off-shoulders and so forth. Will need any necklace. The pendant ought to finish before the cloth begins. Elegant precious metal pendants with center chains are very suitable because they complement just about all attire and there isn’t any chance of outshining the bride’s jewelry. Guitar strings regarding pearl and also chokers will also be great maid-matron of honor accessory. They are easy however sophisticated.


A show for Bridesmaid Dresses in Seven Popular Colors

Beautiful bride is always busy to choose the most brilliant wedding dress, at the same time, do not forget to pick the dresses for the bridesmaids. Color of the bridesmaid dress should be bright, but not too eye-catching; the style should be formal, but not overly exposed; the design should be novel, but can not be too non-mainstream. So how to pick? Here is some tips.

Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Purple color is very popular recent years. It will make your wedding more charming and attractive. It shows the casual beauty, without carve.

Green Bridesmaid Dress

As we all know, the green color is a very good choice for the wedding in the Spring and Summer. Try to choose carefully. Wear the green bridesmaid dresses will bring you a feeling of mori girl.

Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Blue is matchable for universal match. It is difficult to put your eye away from the dresses? We all love the romantic design and color. No doubt that the girls will be happy to wear the dresses for a lot of times.

Red Bridesmaid Dress

It is the classic color. Red takes breathing. It is also the color for love. Vivid red bridesmaid gowns can create a sumptuous atmosphere. Proper for the summer wedding.

Black Bridesmaid Dress

Black color is prudent generous. Although the color is slightly conservative, simple and beautiful folds can make more fashion sense. It will be the correct choice for all bridesmaid dress.

White Bridesmaid Dress

White is the most common color of the bridesmaid dresses. Pure dress, low-key and peaceful design, which can guaranteed to make you be the successful bridesmaids

Yellow Bridesmaid Dress

A good try of the yellow color. The overall sense is particularly lively and dynamic.


Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

The chorus line of perfectly matched bridesmaids is so old fashioned. To get a modern wedding, it looks a lot fresher when the bridesmaids coordinate without wearing the precise exact same dress. Discover how you can mix and match bridesmaid dresses inside a way which will appear contemporary and cohesive simultaneously.

The important to effectively mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses and accessories would be to select a couple of primary components which will be exactly the same all through. This will make sure that the bridal party looks like a group, even as every lady is in a position to express her person taste. Without any kind of unifying components, the bridesmaids won’t appear like a group at all, much more like wedding guests. Great options for an element to carry all through the whole bridal party consist of color, shape of dress, style of dress, or fabric.

Nowadays, one most popular trend would be to mix and match convertible bridesmaid dresses. These are also known as twist wrap dresses, simply because the tops are created to ensure that they are able to be styled into a wide selection of necklines. Merely choose one color and skirt length, and let your bridesmaids make their very own choice about how you can wrap the dress into their preferred style. It’s an extremely simple method to produce a unified appear for the whole bridal party whilst permitting every lady to put on a style in which she feels comfy. This really is also an excellent answer when the bridesmaids have extremely various figures; the bridesmaid using the supermodel figure can twist her dress into a halter with an open back, whilst the ladies who favor much more coverage can arrange their dresses to have wider straps and greater backs.

Patterned bridesmaid dresses have turn out to be much more well-liked in current years. Permitting every bridesmaid to mix it up and select her personal dress is fantastic, simply because a sizable group of ladies wearing exactly the same pattern may be overwhelming. There will naturally be an eclectic vibe to an assorted collection of patterned dresses, so this choice is greatest for much less formal weddings. Think about it for garden weddings, those having a homespun flair, shabby chic weddings and so on. Make a common guideline, like prints that are predominantly green, or perhaps a style thought like Liberty prints to provide the group some kind of unity.

An additional variation on the mix and match bridesmaid dress theme would be to select 1 color family members from which every lady might select. Colors like pink and blue have a tendency to function extremely nicely for this, simply because all shades of pink appear great with each other, and also the exact same is usually accurate of blue. Request that your bridesmaids choose dresses having a common skirt length, like knee length or floor length to ensure that they all possess a comparable degree of formality. This idea may be utilized for formal weddings, also as much more casual celebrations. Produce bouquets for the attendants which incorporate a number of shades of the color family members as a beautiful method to additional unify the group. The impact will probably be completely beautiful.

Mix and match bridesmaid dresses is really a trend that certainly has staying energy. Bridesmaids are much less and much less prepared to dress up like a row of Rocketed, and ultimately they’ll appear their greatest when allowed selecting a dress that suits their very own taste and figure. Maybe greatest of all, the mix and match method frees brides from the age-old dilemma of attempting to discover a single bridesmaid dress which will appear stunning on a diverse group of ladies.