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2011 Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dresses


Hyacinth belongs to the premier mode of ML wedding dresses. The strapless design of HYACINTH not only underlines the bride’s better curve of bust and allows the neck part to become gentler. The middle-upper design highlights the slenderness of the bride’s waist. The grandeur shadow stitch and solid petal ornament in the bust improve the integrated sense of the dress very much, which makes the dress neither monotonous nor dull and embodies the beauty of silk and satins by handwork.

The novel ornament of solid petal embroidery is graceful and not flush. Even it spreads all over the dress, it looks very clearly and not too complicated. There is a sharp distinction between the upper close embroidery and the suitable white place in the side skirt with tradition and modern times. The solid and unique shivering scatters in order on the dress, which brings in great visual impact. The whole design of the wedding dress is fresh and intelligent and full of innervation.

The chiffon side skirt builds up a slender posture with a slim and graceful figure and natural drape. The lotus leaf curl radiates the classical elegance and romance, which endows the dress with flowing innervation when it is moved.


BELLFLOWER’s design is neat and clean and reveals the permeable model and brightness of the bride in detail.

The upper sweetheart strapless is romantic and beautiful, along with the gorgeous and wrinkled skirt hem, looks very illusionary. The design decorates the curve of arms, from neck to shoulder completely and highlights appropriately the bust line of the bride. The laced side skirt design of nipped wrinkles reveals the texture of cloth. No matter its turn-back or its profile is a feast for the eyes. The solid wrinkles of the side skirt are sweet and attract people’s eyes instantly. The most distinctive feature of this wedding dress is that the designer chooses solid cloth of intertexture lace to make wrinkles, which reveals much depth between the simple layers. The beautiful star Catherlita Jones, usually famous for her good taste of appraisal, once wore the deep green evening dress of the same model as BELLFLOWER to attend the distinguished gathering on the red blanket in Hollywood.