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Appreciate Different Floral Wedding Styles, Creat a Romantic Floral Wedding

Every woman is born to love flowers. Of course, the most important day of a woman’s life, the flower is certainly indispensable. Here there are some different wedding styles to help you to create a romantic floral wedding.


Deep and pure love: deep blue, pure white, like a love unforgettable, in the depths of my soul will always treasure.



The irresistible love: it is difficult to resist the intense love, can not conceal the hot mood.

Elegant wedding in summer: blue and white tones, the pleasant environment outside the house, cool and comfortable summer wedding is more with elegance.



Purple charm: noble, mysterious, elegant, purple can always make you fascinating, can not help but to explore the charm.

The happiness: the flowers are blooming, we have plain happiness.

Romantic pastoral style wedding dresses of 2012 spring and summer

More and more people started to get married these years. For the wedding planning arrangements and the many details of the pursuit of individuality, especially in the choice of the bride wedding dress is different. From luxurious and elegant new trends style to the traditional beautiful and romantic pastoral style, and then exudes princess qualities skirt, the brides wedding has evolved into a variety of styles.

U.S. fashion brands Oscar Delarenta launch of the 2012 new series of spring and summer wedding. These different pastoral style wedding dresses decorate the brides with sweet and fresh breath. I believe that will bring some inspiration to young brides for the wedding choice. Oscar Delarenta) 2012 new spring and summer series of wedding, the main choice of the skirt of silk, lace material, and large printing, dotted with small white floral skirt no burdensome decoration, show idyllic natural romantic feeling.

The cascading folds skirt brings a fresh, gentle pastoral style. At the same time, white or pink make wedding such as childhood girls dream of being princess dress. The overall shape is showing the elegance and sweet style. Romantic lace is the most difficult to resist the temptation of a woman, is also a wedding, an integral part of. Whether it is a long section of the fishtail skirt or delicate skirt wedding dress, as long as the lace wedding dresses, it can immediately create a retro style of pastoral wedding beautiful, exquisite visual experience.